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Non insulated terminals

Non insulated Pin terminals PTN
Non insulated Pin terminals PTN Non insulated Pin terminals PTN Non insulated Pin terminals PTN

Non insulated Pin terminals PTN

Non insulated terminals
Pin terminals PTN
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Product Description

Non insulated Pin terminals

Sodd Non insulated Pin terminals are designed to terminate the end of a cable, before fitting screw type terminal blocks or connectors.
The crimping on cord end terminal then protects the exposed wire strands from damaging the screws in a strong connection.

Non insulated Pin terminal Advantage

Easy entry to make the wire more easy to insert in,
Standard length and extra long are both available
Cord end ferrules kit can be OEM

Non insulated Pin terminals Using Place:

Lighting Industry
Electronics Industry

Terminal Body:Copper 
Brazed Seam 
Material: Copper

spec(mm²) 1.25 2 3.5 5.5
Max current(A) 19 27 37 48

Surface treatment: tin coating

Cable Size  ITEM NO. Size (mm) Copper Thickness pcs/pack
L F E D d
A.W.G. 22~16 0.5~1.5mm2 DPTN1.25-10 15 2 5 3.5 2 0.75 1000
DPTN1.25-12 17 1000
DPTN1.25-18 23 1000
A.W.G. 16~14 1.~2.5mm2 DPTN2-10 15 2 5 4 2.5 0.8 1000
5DPTN2-12 17 1000
DPTN2-18 23 1000
A.W.G. 14~12 2.~ 4mm2 5 DPTN3.5-10 16.5 3 6.5 5 3 1 1000
DPTN3.5-13 19.5 1000
A.W.G. 12~10  4~ 6mm2 DPTN5.5-13 20 3 7 5.5 3.5 1 1000
DPTN5.5-18 25 1000


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