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Non insulated terminals

Non insulated cord end terminals EN
Non insulated cord end terminals EN Non insulated cord end terminals EN Non insulated cord end terminals EN Non insulated cord end terminals EN

Non insulated cord end terminals EN

Non insulated terminals
Cord End Terminals EN
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Product Description

Material: Copper

spec(mm²) 1.25 2 3.5 5.5 8 14 22
Max current(A) 19 27 37 48 62 88 115

Surface treatment of brass parts: tin coating 

Cable Size ITEM NO. Size (mm) pcs/pack
A.W.G. 22 0.5mm2 DEN0506 6 1.85 1.3 1 2000
DEN0508 8 2000
DEN0510 10 2000
DEN0512 12 2000
A.W.G. 20 0.75mm2 DEN7506 6 2.05 1.5 1.2 2000
DEN7508 8 2000
DEN7510 10 2000
DEN7512 12 2000
A.W.G. 18 1mm2 DEN1006 6 2.35 1.7 1.4 2000
DEN1008 8 2000
DEN1010 10 2000
DEN1012 12 2000
A.W.G. 16 1.5mm2 DEN1508 8 2.65 2 1.7 2000
DEN1510 10 2000
DEN1512 12 2000
DEN1518 18 2000
A.W.G. 14 2.5mm2 DEN2508 8 3.35 2.6 2.3 2000
DEN2510 10 2000
DEN2512 12 2000
DEN2518 18 1000
A.W.G. 12 4mm2 DEN4009 9 4.1 3.15 2.8 1000
DEN4012 12 1000
DEN4018 18 1000
A.W.G. 10 6mm2 DEN6010 10 4.75 3.85 3.5 1000
DEN6012 12 1000
DEN6018 18 1000
A.W.G. 8 10mm2 DEN10-12 12 6 5.05 4.7 1000
DEN10-18 18 1000
A.W.G. 6 16mm2 DEN16-12 12 7.3 6.15 5.8 1000
DEN16-18 18 1000
A.W.G. 4 25mm2 DEN25-16 16 9.1 7.75 7.4 500
DEN25-22 22 500
A.W.G. 2 35mm2 DEN35-16 16 10.1 8.7 8.35 500
DEN35-25 25 500
A.W.G. 1/0 50mm2 DEN50-20 20 12.8 10.9 10.55 200
DEN50-25 25 200

Non insulated Cord End Terminal

Sodd cord Non insulated end terminals are designed to terminate the end of a cable, before fitting screw type terminal blocks or connectors.
The crimping on Non insulated cord end terminal then protects the exposed wire strands from damaging the screws in a strong connection.

Non insulated Cord End Terminal Advantage

French color, DIN color, German colors are available.
Easy entry to make the wire more easy to insert in
Standard length and extra long are both available
Cord end ferrules kit can be OEM

Non insulated Cord End Terminal Using Place:

Lighting Industry
Electronics Industry

Sodd: Your Best Non insulated Cord End Terminal Manufacturer

Sodd knows ferrules a lot because the company has been working on these ferrules fields for more than 20 years.
If you are looking for a reliable end ferrules manufacturer, you’re in the right place.
Whether you need a terminal ferrule or a wire end ferrule, we can provide perfect cord end ferrules for your application.
Sodd designs and manufactures high quality insulated bootlace ferrules to top brands in different industries, like aftermarket wiring harnesses in automotive, white goods and consumer electronics in consumers, terminal blocks in industries, electric panel boards in industrial automation and so on.
Sodd bootlace ferrule terminals mainly consist of two types; insulated bootlace ferrules and non-insulated bootlace ferrules.
Insulated crimp bootlace ferrule is made from an electrolytic copper capillary tube with a tin plated finishing to improve electric contact.
The insulation part is made of polypropylene in short, PP.
The PP parts have different standard color range from French color, DIN color, and German color.
Different countries use different color codes to identify the electric wires.
For example E7508, we have three colors: blue cord end in French standard, gray ferrules in DIN standard and white ferrule in German standard.
Sodd not only provides ferrule terminals but also can support you with ferrule kits in various kinds.
Types of cord end ferrules in different quantities to be packed in one box to make it a wire ferrule kit.
Sometimes the bootlace crimp kit has a bootlace crimper inside for convenient customer’s use.
When you open the ferrule tool kit, just use the crimper to connect the ferrules inside the box to wire.
These ferrule kits make everything so easy and quick.
If you do not know how to crimp cord ends or how to use the cord end crimps, just contact Sodd.
If you do not know which color the bootlace ferrule should be, just contact Sodd.
We can help you with all terminal ferrule problems.
We request your inquiry on any problem with ferrules.
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